How TikTok can help your marketing campaigns

Social media in 2022 is the best, if not second best method for advertising online (after websites of course). Which, includes sharing new products, company information and competitions (so many competitions 🤭). With 77% of small business being online, the competition is certainly there.

However with average usage times of 2hr29 minutes per day, and over 4 billion users active. And when narrow down to TikTok, the usage time is 45.8 minutes per day, which accounts to the majority of time on social media apps. When, compared to Twitter which is 6 minutes per day.

This gives business a major advantage when including TikTok in your marketing campaigns.

In this blog we will discuss: how TikTok can give an advantage when marketing, but also the negativities that we can come across.

Some questions that inspired this blog: How do I make my marketing campaign exciting? Is TikTok worth the time? Can TikTok help boost awareness online?

What is TikTok

TikTok is a social media app/company that is video based, often in short clips, lasting between 10 – 30 seconds (but can be longer). These videos are often relatable, and tailored to your watching history, with arguably the best algorithm for social media.

TikTok also provides a powerful search option, which can often provide high quality results. This gives a marketing team a good chance of being seen. Often through their target market and so on.

TikTok is more popular for 18-24 year olds, with the demographics leaning to a more youthful experience. This means that fashion, dance and similar business will stand a better chance. However, most businesses can ensure there marketing campaigns succeed.

Why Use TikTok In Marketing Campaigns?

Using TikTok in marketing campaigns can boost your awareness, increase conversion rates, along with introducing a new demographic into your campaigns. With the stats laid out above, it clearly shows that TikTok is much more likely to be seen, and your advertising has a chance of succeeding. When we see how many videos each person is likely to see, which is 152 videos in the 45.8 mins per day, per user.

So with more videos being seen per day, we have a higher chance of our video / content being seen. This means that our marketing campaigns will see higher views, which means, if the content is good, a higher conversion rate.

Another reason, is because you can provide a different type of content, with the majority of users on TikTok saying content is more engaging when funny. With entertaining and dancing content being the most popular, this means including your team in videos, the staff, and giving your business another approach to branding. The result of this is your content is not over used, and will potential avoid going stale. Again engagement and awareness is a priority when marketing.

When using TikTok in marketing campaigns, we notice a big increase in awareness, engagement and a completely new demographic, often suited to the businesses product / service. This means TikTok gives you the best way to grow digitally. However, the content can often take longer to create, but this is worth it in the end.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Including TikTok

TikTok like most social media websites / apps, comes with both positives and negatives to your business, and marketing team. These advantages and disadvantages can always be important to consider, and that’s because your business has a certain brand and demographic to follow. However, TikTok makes your marketing campaigns more dimensional, which results in a better brand image, if it suits your needs.

Now, advertising certain products may not work, for example if you have an older demographic you have lower chance of making an increase in sales. Which means that you will waste time creating content, and should focus on other means, such as TV, radio, and newspapers depending on your budget.

However, when it comes to creating content on TikTok you often find it can take longer to create content. This is due to the type of content you will create, which is video based, but with the ability to change and bring this into positive is great, and that’s because your business advertising will get a different style, instead of just plain content, we add more flavour to content. But, ensure you cater for this additional content, and schedule in advance of posting.

TikTok has a much wider audience, with each post getting more views on average (compared to other socials). This results in your content, and business gaining more awareness, with funny content again being number one. With this advantage you can have a bigger social share of your industry you operate in.

With these advantages and disadvantages, we have the ability to adjust to what works for our businesses. So, when creating our marketing campaigns, if we consider these different parts of TikTok, we should have a great success, and should have the ability to add more awareness, content and information to our audiences. With these aspects we have the ability to create content that factors in weaknesses, and where to find the strengths. All in all helping our marketing campaigns, even with a small budget.

To Finish

TikTok is great for businesses, and personal use alike. However, there are some things to consider, such as length of time to create content, and ensuring the demographic suits your business. But with all things considered, TikTok will boost your business awareness, and is significant when comparing to other socials, such as Instagram. This means that TikTok will boost your awareness, and ability to grow Digitally.

When using TikTok your business will notice that views are increasing, and that the engaging content will grow exponentially. Ensure you apply other things to boost TikTok, such as consistency, and high quality content, with all these aspects, TikTok should work for you, and your business.

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