How To Generate Leads Through A Website

When clients ask me for a website, the most often request is more leads. Now, leads are often the weakest point of many businesses, even through a high amount of advertising. There is no solid answer, and the results can vary widely throughout all businesses.

When the demand for more leads is met, a business will often make more money. Which is simple, if you think about. The more clients you get, the more money. However, this is sometimes not the case, these can be low quality leads, and maybe the wrong type of client for you.

So, at the start of our projects we evaluate our clients needs. Which includes the target market, along with industry trends they follow. Thus allowing the creation of a user persona (which is what a potential client should look like).

In this blog we will discuss how to generate leads through a website. Which, includes landing pages, blogging ideas, and so much more.

Some questions I get asked, which inspired this blog are: what is a CTA? Is a landing page a homepage? Should I focus on blogging?

During this blog we will use live examples, this can range from estate agents, to fashion companies. This allows us to give you the best analysis.

What is a landing page & ideas

A landing page is a page that you direct the correct leads, and users to. For example if you have a 3 month marketing campaign; which targets getting more houses on your estate agents books. Then we have the need for getting more house sellers aware. Which means that we would recommend building a landing page that lays out your specialities, a big hero, that includes a CTA to book a meeting. Along with the ability to list their house in 60 seconds, or 5 minutes, this depends on your competitors fastest time.

TO get this landing page working, you will have to share the link on posts, that correlate to the need of the landing page. For example, (sticking with the estate agent) you could create a post on socials, that states: “Is your house due for sale, could our outstanding rates tempt you in. [link]” With the link to the page. This then qualifies your leads, within seconds of them viewing the post, and clicking the link. This allows for a more narrow and niche landing page that allows users to trust you, and list their property for sale.

If you also consider PPC advertising, your landing page will be the best place to send users. PPC will target select users, through search requests. This helps you to qualify leads, before they enter your landing page.

Why Use A Landing Page

With a landing page the key is to get the correct users to perform an action. Which includes: click the CTA (call to action), submit a form or enter their details. The whole point of a landing page, is to either: increase leads, or make more sales, that are suited to a marketing campaign. A good idea is to, ensure your landing page is on-topic, informative and easy to navigated. All these steps means you are on the correct path, which in turn will help SEO, your socials and the ability to generate a better online business.

Ideas to get leads on board.

Let’s discuss the best options and most creative ways to get a user to submit their details. The first way, and probably best way is to have a download button, which sends the document to their emails, this gives the user a reason to give their details to a stranger. Along with the ability to add them to an email marketing campaign. This means you can send more information to this lead, such as special discounts, the most popular product selection, and more information about you.

Following a download button, another way is to add a live chat to the landing page. This helps if you offer services, for example, if you offer copyrighting, you will have a chat bot, that allows a person to talk to, this allows them to find more information, without leaving the page. If you can get the user to leave details, follow up! Along, with the request to add them to a newsletter, and special members discount, or many other ways.

How to Qualify Leads

When it comes to generating leads through a website, it is important that your target the correct leads, that reflect your perfect user persona. Which, includes making sure they will be more likely to make a purchase when viewing your website.

So in order to make sure the leads are correct, we qualify them. This is to make sure they will buy the product or use your services. Someways include: reviews, logos and/or testimonials of previous clients. If they feel a connection to the reviews, they are much more likely to trust and purchase from you.

Qualifying leads is so important, without this stage, a business could be targeting the wrong type of leads. This results in a landing page, or website that could be wasted, without said requirements.

Will A Blog Help?

This question is asked a lot of the time, and that’s due to blogs being quite time consuming. Along with fact results can take a while. Now, a blog is super helpful when it comes to ranking higher on SERPS, or even directing social media users to your website. 66% of the time, blogs will direct users to the website, but only if your content is helpful, engaging and informative.

A blog has the benefit of being multi purpose. That’s because we can share valuable content to gain users trust, but can also share business events, such as future goals, why you went down a certain way, and releasing new products.

So, I say if you have time, and feel a blog will help your business. You will see nothing but positives from posts, and SEO will grow in time.

A blog will also help qualify leads, and that’s because the users reading the content, have a reason to be reading, and that’s because they are doing research, or feel the need to work with or purchase your products / services.

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