What Makes A Perfect E-Commerce Specialist?

Every day I get asked the question of who makes a perfect E-commerce specialist? And this question can be quite tricky, often it’s personal choice, but today I will outline a brief amount of points to look out for.

So, let’s start of with what is an e-commerce specialist? Well, an e-commerce specialist is someone who builds, designs and manages an e-commerce site for a business. This includes the whole build, the payment setup, along with many other things. At Digital Cobweb we offer graphics for products, complete SEO overrun, and many other features.

Willing To Understand Your Business - Required from your e-commerce specialist

As an agency specialising in e-commerce I am willing to understand all types of businesses, such as the way you run your business. The management style you have opted for and many other features of your business. So, when you are in the market for an e-commerce agency and specialist I recommend you ask if they understand you business, and how willing they are to adapt to you needs and requirement for your business.


As you look for an e-commerce specialist, I would recommend doing some research into them, such as looking at reviews from previous clients. This will help to guide you into choosing the correct agency.

Understanding of Business - Required from your e-commerce specialist

This tip may seem really simple, but in the e-commerce world there are many people who don’t grasp the understanding of business. When setting up e-commerce a general understanding is needed when creating profit, and choosing the correct prices. Undoubtedly, This is often the one you need at the top of your list, when choosing the correct agency for you.

As the e-commerce industry becomes more and more popular. As a result agencies will see this as an opportunity to niche in to this area.

However, your e-commerce specialist should grasp business. This includes marketing, sales and an understanding of why customers shop with certain industries.

At Least One Extra Service On Top

This one may seem a little strange, and out there. But, when clients come to me they often say: my website works, but! This means they are happy, but are missing something from it. This could be little traffic (see), poor graphics (graphic design), poorly marketing business (SMM).

You want to be seeing these services advertised on the agency. Thus, allowing for a great e-commerce website. Subsequently these extra features will result in an outstanding website, without said services, your website could struggle to grow.

Great Communication

Any agency should have the ability to communicate quickly between their clients, and the team. This allows for you (the client) to understand what is going on with your website, this is your entitlement.

Naturally, communication allows you to gain knowledge of the website, but also to share your views. As an agency we should be listening to you, because at the end of the day it is your website.

Ensure your chosen specialist or agency has a great method for communicating. Moreover, you can notice this easily, this will be noticeable from your original contact. Also, reading reviews will allow for you to gain knowledge on there communication

Understanding of best e-commerce platforms

E-commerce is very business specific, this includes all roles from marketing, to sales. So, to ensure your business has the best e-commerce start your specialist should understand all the platforms available.

The best all round system is Shopify, but SquareSpace, and WIX have different options. To ensure you have the best system, do some of your own research, or contact and agency, who should be able to guide you the best way possible. We will discuss this further in the next e-commerce blog.

Because your agency will understand all platforms, this is because the pros and cons of each platform will be considered before any platform is chosen. As a result you e-commerce site will be allowed to grow and flourish in your industry.

Why Choose An E-Commerce Specialist

An E-Commerce specialist has the industry required skills to ensure that all E-Commerce sites have a great user experience. As a result you will increase sales, so lets discuss why these characteristics are required. 

First of all, everything discussed above is personal presence, for example, you may need a specific skill, such as experience in sales, or an understanding of business. These were all decided by me, along with research to understand the needs of an e-commerce business, and having previous experience in requests. 

These characteristics are so important in making sure you get what is best for your business, we often have an understanding of 2-3 industries and we advertise these well, so, when you are looking for your specialist check this out. 

Finally, each specialist will also have the key platform they enjoy using, and have the best skills in, therefore these skills can be adapted to other platforms, but do listen to your specialist for the best advice. As a preference I prefer Shopify, but more on this next week.


To Finish

In conclusion, all e-Commerce specialists are design to help clients get the best for their users, customers and consumers. We are willing to understand, adapt and build with our clients. This blog was here to help new businesses to know what to look for. 

Jono Redfern @ Digital Cobweb.

I am an e-commerce specialist based in the UK, more specifically UP NORTH. Based in Sheffield. Digital Cobweb is at the forefront for all e-commerce businesses, with the passion we have passed on to our clients. 

We are constantly learning, but have a great understanding in all things marketing, social media and e-commerce websites. 

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