Lets start with the basics, what is digital marketing?

Well, digital marketing is the fundamental way to advertise in the modern era of business. Digital Marketing is the art of advertising through digital means, such as PPC, social media, Google and many more. This way of marketing really helps to gain a wide audience covering the radius of the globe, this is due to a higher amount of people being online than in the local area. 

In 2020, 72% of marketing spending in the UK was allocated towards digital marketing

 Advertising online is now the most effective way to reach your target audience. In the past, print and television were the go-to methods of advertising. But these days, consumers are spending more time on social media and other digital platforms than ever before.

That means we should be tailoring our main revenue stream to online advertising. For example, this blog you’re reading has a newsletter version, an infographic for social media, and many more different online methods. The result of this is that I will gain around 400+ views on this blog just through all the different means of digital advertising—just think about how many people are seeing my content from 10+ different countries!

I’m going to share 6 different ways that you can advertise your business online. These ideas should be used in harmony with each other and consider customer behavior online (which is different to offline).


Social media marketing 

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram use algorithms to help users find content they’ll like. The algorithms are based on what users you follow have liked, shared or created; hashtags; the content you’ve interacted with in the past; and other factors. This means that social media websites probably understand more about you than you do yourself! 

The important thing to remember is that these algorithms aren’t just there to help users find content—they’re also there to help businesses share their posts with a wide audience. So for example if your company posts an update about an award it won’t just be seen by the people following your company—it’ll also be seen by millions of others who may not have heard of your brand yet. All those people are potential customers! 

 Social media is all about sharing, right?

Well, here’s a question: do you ever wonder how social media websites decide who sees your posts? How they decide whether or not to show them to their users?

It turns out that they use algorithms—just like Google does—to determine what content is relevant and interesting for each individual user. And it works! If you want to reach an audience of people interested in the same things as you, social media marketing can work wonders.

But how does that help your business? Well, if you share something great about your business or product, millions of people could see it and interact with it—and then follow you. That’s where the real magic happens: when people follow you, they become part of your audience. You can talk to them and ask questions about what they want from you!



 The next way to advertise in a digital world is through your website, which I believe is the best way to advertise.

Your website is your home base—your one-stop shop for everything about you, your products, and your business.

It’s where people will learn about you and how you do what you do. It’s where they’ll find out why they should work with you and buy from you. And it’s where they can go to find out more about your products and services when they’re ready to take action.

The best part of a website is the ability to sell yourself and what you do in less than 10 minutes—just long enough for them to get an idea of who you are and what makes you unique while giving them some background on what makes your products or services special. And there are tons of ways to make this process even easier: pop-ups that ask if someone wants more info, signup forms that let people opt in for freebies or discounts, contact forms so people can reach out directly… The possibilities are endless!


1 | Ensure your website works on mobile view.

60% of website traffic now comes from mobiles, ensure you can use your website on a mobile or tablet. This is key to getting the best results.


2 | Do You Have Clear Navigation

Can users quickly navigate from page to page, is it clear which button it is to get to the contact page, or to learn more about your services.


3 | Add Pop-Ups To Get Email Signups

If you want to get a wider audience base ensure users can sign up to your newsletters, or special discounts.


4 | Ensure contact details are on the front page. 

If your website aim is to get more contacts, or sales, ensure your mobile or email is on a banner at the top of your page, and in the footer at the bottom.


5 | Make Sure Your Content Is The Best

Great design, but poor content? This will get you nowhere, make sure the content is sharing your business story, what you do, and why you do it.



 Search engines are constantly crawling the web, but they’re not just looking for good websites. They’re also looking for good content.

Let’s start at the beginning: when a search engine finds a website, it sends out bots—think of these as their minions—to collect lots of information about each website, such as content, the industry it’s in, and what keywords are used on the page (among other things). This information is then made into an index.

Following the indexing stage, we move onto ranking. This is where the algorithm of each search engine figures out which content should go where, how authoritative it is, and which search query it could relate to. This is similar to ordering books in a library: the team of librarians will read through all the books and find which content is most likely to be read and most informative. That book will be found first.

Once the algorithm has read your content, understood where and what it relates to, and seen how many backlinks you have (and whether those backlinks are coming from sites that are also authoritative), it can determine whether or not your content will be read by lots of people or not—and this determines where it ranks on Google or another search engine.


Email Marketing

 Email marketing can be a great way to get your brand out there.

You can send out newsletters, which can help to inform your audience about new products and services that you have available. You could also send out a newsletter about the business, which gives people an insight into what’s going on behind the scenes.

You can also use email marketing for cold emails, this is where you personally contact someone who may be interested in your brand. This could be done using social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, as well as through other means such as Google searches and emails collected from previous customers / clients. 

Cold emails are a great way to reach out to potential customers who haven’t heard of you before and may be interested in what you have to offer!

It’s also possible to send targeted emails based on what the recipient has previously purchased from your store, as well as their demographic information (e.g., age range). This means that you can tailor your content based on what’s most relevant for each individual customer.

 Email marketing is a great way to connect with customers and keep them informed about the latest happenings in your business. You can send newsletters, offer discounts or coupons, and even ask for feedback. Email marketing also helps you to drive sales by reaching out to previous customers and encouraging them to come back again.


What is the best marketing plan for a modern business?

The answer is simple, but not necessarily easy: all of them.

In the current circumstances, there are so many different tools available for digital marketing that it can be hard to know where to start. The problem is that if you try to use them all at once, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a confusing mess at best—and at worst, a confusing mess that makes no sense and doesn’t get results.

But if you’re able to find a way to use these tools in harmony, you’ll be able to create a powerful online presence for your business that will attract customers like flies on honey.


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