How To Improve User Experience

It’s time for another weekly dose of website tips and tricks brought to you by none other than Digital Cobweb. So grab that steaming cup of coffee or tea and settle in as we dive into the fascinating world of improving user experience on our websites.

How To Improve Page Speed

Are you tired of slow websites that leave your users clicking off? Well fear not! In this edition we discuss the tips to stop just that.

How TikTok Can Help Your Marketing Campaigns

How TikTok can help your marketing campaigns Social media in 2022 is the best, if not second best method for advertising online (after websites of course). Which, includes sharing new products, company information and competitions (so many competitions 🤭). With 77% of small business being online, the competition is certainly there. However with average usage […]

How to rank higher with SEO

SEO is such a key component when setting up and building a website online, this includes new domains and older domains. Without a strong SEO strategy your website can often become lost on many SERPS. However, a strong SEO strategy can allow a website to grow. Which results in a high number of impressions, along […]

Why Should A Small Business Have A Website?

Introduction For many years, businesses were able to succeed without a website. Potential customers would look in the phone book or ask friends for recommendations. These days, most people will go to Google and search for what they need. If you don’t have a website, your potential customers are going to simply move on to […]

What Is SEO and SMO?

E-Commerce Specialists

All About SEO and SMO! SEO and SMO are the modern ways to ensure your business is advertised the right way. They both require optimizing your online profiles, including websites, social media, and many other advertising accounts.  Whilst SEO is all about making sure your website ranks highly for keywords, this requires website speed, high […]